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Nuclear Measurement Control System

Since 2008, our company has been carrying out the precise inspection of major core systems in the field of instrumentation and control part of the Korean standard nuclear reactors (OPR-1000) at nuclear power plants at four domestic sites. The main contents are introduced.

Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plant

A nuclear power plant consists of parts over 10 million. These device have to be maintained properly for safety and high reliability. There are two types of maintenances of nuclear power plant, recovering maintenance to repair a failed device and prevention maintenance to prevent shut down. At the beginning of introduction nuclear power plant, recovering mainly had been performed only the case of occurrence of broken at nuclear power plant. As operation technology has been accumulated, they pursue safe operation by expecting failure using the cumulative data of possible device failure and performing preventive maintenance by inspection and replacement before unexpectedly shut down.

  • 01Preventive
    This maintenance is periodical prevention and inspection activity during power plant operation. Maintaining and testing power plant according to a fixed cycle to prevent device from malfunctioning, predicting failure possibility by measuring and analyzing performance and operating status of the device and repairing it before unexpectedly shut down.
  • 02Planned Preventive
    This maintenance is inspection and maintenance of equipment to be implemented according to pre-established plan during the period which power plants are shut down.

Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS)

Nuclear Steam Supply System is a system to run turbines which generate electricity by converting high temperature, high pressure steam from heat occurred by nuclear fuel. There are three kinds of system as below.

  • 01
    RRS (Reactor Regulating System)
    Control system that enables efficient operation adjusting the output of nuclear power reactor automaticall
  • 02
    FWCS (Feed Water Control System)
    Control system to control effectively water level of stream generator which converts heat of reactor to steam
  • 03
    SBCS (Steam Bypass Control System)
    Control system to adjust output of generator bypassing surplus steam from steam generator

Maintenance services of NCS

Our company perform precise inspection of NCS systems by dispatching engineers during Planned Preventive Maintenance period

  • 01Precise diagnosis and inspection of NSSS systems
  • 02Inspection and calibration of input/output signal process
  • 03Loop inspection of input/output signal
  • 04Function testing of RRS, FWCS and SBCS

Development and Application of control system of nuclear power plant

Development of Korean standard NSSS controller

In cooperation with KHNP, we have successfully developed NSSS controllers, before which had depended on technologies from oversea. This is a key factor of appliance on nuclear power plant, and these controllers are installed and driven properly. NSSS controller improved efficiency of products with integrated control program method of nuclear steam supply as well as contributed to the safe driving of nuclear power plant applying human engineering.

Nuclear power plant Related plant No.
Hanbit power plant #3 Hanbit #5, #6
Hanul power plant #3 Hanul #5, #6
Shin-Kori power plant #1 Shin-Kori #1, #2
Shin-Wolsong power plant #1 Shin-Wolsong #1, #2


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